We offer a range of therapies tailored to your individual needs. Whether it be for relaxation, pain relief, or as a component of your personal wellbeing programme.
All new clients receive a free consultation to identify concerns, problem areas and past injuries to enable us to tailor a treatment to your specific needs.

Relaxation Massage
Feel stress and tension melt away from the body leaving you relaxed and ready to face the day.
Remedial Massage
Targets specific areas of concern, great for pain relief and muscle spasm.
Hot Stone Massage
Eases muscle tension, deeply relaxing.
Divine Detox Massage
A gentle massage aimed at gently stimulating
the lymphatic system. Great to detoxify and
boost the immune system.
Myofascial Cupping Therapy
A modified version of the traditional Chinese cupping style targeting the musculoskeletal system.
Reflexology Massage
Wonderfully relaxing therapeutic foot massage
to re-balance mind, body and spirit.
Joya Crystal Massage Therapy
Experience a wonderfully relaxing therapeutic massage using JOYA crystal massage techniques.
Receiving Reiki is known to have a soothing, refreshing and balancing effect on the whole being.
A nurturing massage with pure essential oils to re-balance and relax.
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