Joya Crystal Massage Therapy

Experience a wonderfully relaxing theraputic massage using JOYA crystal massage techniques.


JOYA Crystal Massage is a unique concept using freely rotating gemstone spheres, combining the soothing touch of massage with the benefits of acupressure and the healing power of crystals.

Rhythmic stroking, kneading and gliding techiques are used to ease out areas of tension and trigger points.


Can be used on the skin (with or without oils) or over clothes.

JOYA Crystal Amethyst Facial Massage
30 mins $65

Great for sinus problems, tired sallow skin and tension headaches.

A sublime facial combining the soothing touch of warm and cool crystal spheres gently rolling over your skin to lull you into a state of relaxation.

JOYA Crystal Massage
60 mins $95
90 mins $135

Begins with a relaxing foot soak whilst you select which crystals you would like for your massage.

Lie down on the massage couch and enjoy a soothing full body crystal massage.

JOYA Detox
Crystal Massage
90 mins $135

Includes a relaxing foot soak, your choice of crystals,a JOYA detoxing dry body brushing treatment followed by a soothing full body crystal massage.